Equally important as the quality of the work being performed is the quality of the parts being installed. This is the recipe for a successful, long lasting setup. Years of experience has proven the vast majority of aftermarket parts, including well known brand names, are simply lacking in quality of material and craftsmanship which drastically reduces the lifespan of the differential setup versus their OEM counterparts. It is important to note that there are a few exceptions within the category of aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, the consumer and even the average installer or counter person doesn’t have the experience or information necessary to make an educated purchase. The decision is based on marketing, price, or the brand sold by the vendor they typically buy from.

Bull Built Differentials offers retail parts sales and wholesale account pricing.

For help with a parts order or an estimate please call, email, or send a message through our online form. Provide the year, make, and model of the application and list the required parts. Additional information may be needed to identify your differential or the compatible parts, such as VIN, gear ratio, number of cover bolts, OEM equipped locking differential or limited slip, etc.

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